Sunday, January 15, 2012

5.6 Miles a day

Today I am feeling good!!!  Over the weekend I've been walking 5.6 miles a day and I feel GREAT!  It's been cold in Atlanta and I made no excuse to back out from walking 5.6 miles each day.  I almost shed a tear while I was walking because I was so proud of my self for making no excuses.  "I can really do this" :-)


  1. OMG you live in ATL we should link up and exercise sometime. I am trying to get my butt in gear and could use all the support I can get.

  2. For sure, that sounds great! I actually live in the Gwinnett Co. and always can use all the support too (lol). Putting the weight on was easy but getting if off is challenging to say the least (lol). I go to Dolvett's studio Body Sculptor in Buckhead. On Saturday my trainer said they have "Pure Energy" class. I've never done but I hear it's a great class. We can meet there one day, if you would like