Thursday, February 23, 2012

Did you know drinking cold water or cold showers could help you lose weight?

Cold Water Lose Weight

Drinking cold water to lose weight is by far one of the most powerful things you can do for your metabolism. If you drink enough of it, it forces your body to work to stay warm. Some have even gone on to say that even the act of sitting in cold water will cause you to lose weight because your body works to warm it up. If you try this approach for just one or two weeks you will certainly find that you’ll lose unwanted weight.
This doesn’t happen due to some holy miracle, it happens because you are really working on losing weight and your body likes it very much. Studies have found that if you make absolutely no changes to your diet whatsoever other than start drinking a few glasses of cold water per day, then you will find you will lose up to five pounds in a year.
I know that this may not seem all that impressive. I can totally understand that. But it’s these little things that add up into the powerful type of metabolism boosters that lead to real results. There really is no such thing as a miracle pill. In order to get the results that you crave you’ve got to make a little of little changes.

Cold Water Lose Weight

cold water lose weightOf course there are plenty of other legitimate reasons to drink cold water to lose weight. First of all, drinking cold water before a meal will make you more full and less likely to eat as much. This is just a fact of life. The more your body is full (whether that be with fluids or foods) the less hungry you will be. Sure it does not have nutritional value but it will certainly get you full faster.
If you drink cold water after working out you will also find that it is refreshing and quenches your thirst. Everyone knows that after a workout your metabolism is in hyperdrive. You are burning more calories just by standing still. You may as well really take advantage of it by adding in the effect of drinking ice cold water.

Cold Water Lose Weight

Here is another fun fact about drinking cold water to lose weight. If you drink just 1 liter of ice cold water you can expect to burn an additional twenty calories. Remember friends, this really does add up over time. If you can burn an extra twenty calories by simply throwing a few more ice cubes in your glass, you can bet it is worth it to you.
When thinking and discussing the benefits of drinking cold water I really believe the fullness factor is of utmost important. It is often quoted that people should drink over 8 glasses a day to really come into the benefit of guzzling cold water. Although I can’t and won’t quote an exact number I can say for certain that it won’t do you harm. The feeling of being full (especially when trying to lose weight) is well worth all of the effort that it takes.

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